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Il territorio: Il Chianti...
A varied landscape with rolling hills and farms, a patchwork of vineyards, sunflower fields and olive-groves, dusty white paths flanked by old cypresses, coloured bushes in fragrant bloom, hawthorn and lavender, thick woods of oak-trees and bracken where it’s easy to find wild boars (great eaters of grapes), fallow deer, squirrels, porcupines, roe deer, pheasants and turtle-doves hovering in the placket where the medieval barons used to hunt.

Don't forget that, perhaps, the world's most famous wine road, winds its way across the Chianti: the Chiantigiana, state road 222. For centuries carts and horses, laden with the typical wide-bottomed Chianti flasks, passed by here. The travellers that pass by here do not only enjoy an unforgettable landscape but have the pleasure of rolling the famous wines around their palates. As evidenced in some vine fossils found in the area, tens of millions of years ago, much before the arrival of the Etruscans, a vitis vinifera, a predecessor of the vine, grew here. It is clear from the exquisite drawings on the pottery found here (period 25 A.C. to 40 A.C.) that both the Etruscans and the Romans made wine in this region. Later, patient monks such as Sant'Appiano and San Leonino renewed the vine growing tradition and produced a wine with a characteristic bouquet of violets and giaggiolo flowers which was later called "vermiglio".

From a parchment sheet found in the Badia of Passignano one learns about an excellent production of grapes and olives in the district of Castello di Verrazzano and of Grignano and that, in the same period - around 1150 - a litre of wine would cost the equivalent of Euro 61. It was, evidently, a valued wine even then. In S. Maria Novella there was a Domenicano monastery that produced a 100 barrels of wine a year, from its own grounds alone. Then we arrive at the year 1282, the year in which the statute known as the "Art of the Winegrowers" was written. At that time there were about 80 wine-bars and "osterie" where one could drink the local Chianti wine with local delicacies such as: Tortellos and fegatellos; pisces e rostos; milzas e pullos.
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