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Villa Casalecchi: Storia e Tradizione
A taste of Villa Casalecchi history, that is the Lecchini-Giovannoni home, the name is that of the owners, but it is also known as Villa Elvira from great grandmother’s name.
The Lecchini-Giovannoni come from the Florentine upper middle-classes and in the early eighteenth century began to build country residences, in the Medici manners, on the Florentine hills.
The Casalecchi estate dates back from the second half of 1700, in part, as a result of the agricultural policy implemented by the granduke Leopoldo I and expanded to its maximum size between the XIX and XX century when the estate included 33 farm-houses over an area of 2000 hectares becoming the second largest farming estate of the Chianti after Brolio.
The main Villa originally was developed in the 1870’s on the foundations of a medieval tower on the borders of Siena and Florence to become the building you see today.
Until the Second War the villa has been used as a holiday home for summer game hunting, celebrations of anniversaries and for the seasonal harvesting periods.
Between May 1944 to February 1945 the villa was first requisitioned by the German forces and became their local head-quarters and after by the allied troops. These events left deep scars on the building which went through various phases of restoration work. Now only the dining room has maintained its original décor. In the second half of the 50’s the decline of the agricultural economy, that had been based on share-cropping, caused the gradual abandon of farmland by the farm workers but by the sixties the first tourists, mainly English, began to arrive on the scene.
Lady Elvira Lecchini Giovannoni, the present owner, is a directed descendant of the original family. Even though in early youth she enjoyed a privileged life of leisure, she was amongst the first to understand the potential of the property and in the 60’s she started to develop it into the current restaurant and hotel structure.
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